Social programme

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There will be two conference dinners, both on Tuesdays (3rd and 10th February) for participants of the school and workshop.


In leisure time, we propose

  • Tuesday (Feb 3 and 10) trip to the nearby cave in Kletno
  • Lądek-Zdrój sightseeing (see the gallery), especially visit to the 'Wojciech' balneary
  • skiing,
  • visit to the saline-iodic cave,
  • excursion to Moravian Karst (Feb 8).

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Additionally, the hotel offers

  • billiards, table tennis
  • sauna with the mini swimming pool, solarium, mini fitness room
  • full base of biological renewal treatments—hydrotherapy (pearl and salt bath, underwater and whirl massages), physiotherapy, aerosoltherapy, thermotherapy [paraffin and peloid compresses], kinetic therapy, aquavibron, therapeutical massages.