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The participants will stay at GeoVita hotel, where the school will take place as well.

ul. Graniczna 14; 57-540 LĄDEK ZDRÓJ
tel. (+48 74) 8146411, 8146856, 8146857
tel. 0695 377 714 (reception desk)
fax (+48 74) 814 68 55

The registration fee covers accommodation in a single or twin room including full board.

Front of Geovita

More pictures at


The hotel offers:

  • billiards, table tennis
  • sauna with the mini swimming pool, solarium, mini fitness room
  • full base of biological renewal treatments - hydrotherapy (pearl and salt bath, underwater and whirl massages), physiotherapy, aerosoltherapy, thermotherapy [paraffin and mud (peloid) compresses], kinetic therapy, aquavibron, therapeutical massages
  • diversified meals, with a choice of diet and vegetarian dishes.